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LDAP (2)

I’ve just deployed the 0.1 version of my custom LDAP server. It was very easy to develop with the OCaml library, and I learnt a bit about LDAP in the process. I had expected it to be more-or-less stateless like … Continue reading

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On the State of API Documentation

Perhaps it’s just me, but I think that Javadoc (and its descendents, including OCamldoc) have set the cause of proper documentation very far back. If you already know an API and just need a refresher on the details, great! Tho’ … Continue reading

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LDAP / Scope in database code (3)

I have an upcoming project that will require a custom LDAP server backed by an existing inventory/asset management application, which runs on Oracle. Of course, I plan to tackle this in OCaml. I’m confident enough with Oracaml now, and I’m … Continue reading

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Expect (2)

My first go with ocaml-expect has been to write a small utility for something that’s been annoying me for a while at work, which is that there is no straightforward way to associate TNS with DNS (I don’t much fancy … Continue reading

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I received an email in my work inbox this morning from Oracle, subject: If It Must Work, It Runs on Solaris. I agree. It’s also too late. Solaris x86 was always the red-headed stepchild at Sun. It had a poor … Continue reading

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Haskell articles

A couple of very good Haskell articles I have seen recently: Introducing the Monads by Aditya Siram. An great overview which serves to confirm/reinforce things that I have learnt or figured out so far. Tho’ I think uses return where … Continue reading

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Compiler tip

Consider the following trivial bit of OCaml: To me as a beginner this looks quite plausible, since I wrote something much like it, of course it should actually be: But the error from the compiler is strange: That is actually … Continue reading

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