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OCI*ML: Minor updates

A few minor updates to OCI*ML: oraprefetch to set rows pre-fetched and buffered by OCI. This is set per-statement handle, with a default for newly-created handles set in .ocamlinit. oradeqtime to set the number of seconds to wait on oradequeue … Continue reading

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Unix diagnostic tools for DBAs

When a server application I am supporting starts to misbehave, there are a few tools I reach for to perform a quick diagnosis. Some of these are little known to DBAs who usually work within the database, so here is … Continue reading

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OCI*ML new feature: AQ

Many organizations make heavy use of message-oriented middleware, such as Oracle AQ. An interesting thing about message buses is that so long as a program can participate in the sending and receiving of messages it doesn’t matter what language it … Continue reading

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The Means of Production

In ’94 when I went to college, the Mech Eng department had recently taken delivery of a shipment of DEC Alpha workstations. These were brutally powerful machines; 64M main memory, 3D graphics cards, running OpenVMS, and 6 or maybe 8 … Continue reading

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Raw access to C structures from OCaml

I read on Paul Graham’s site an article in which Lisp programmer Carl de Marcken of ITA says: Because we have about 2 gigs of static data we need rapid access to, we use C++ code to memory-map huge files … Continue reading

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OCaml as a SQL*Plus replacement?

Just re-read the Jane Street article OCaml as a scripting language†, and added an interactive toplevel to OCI*ML and a first stab at a make install task, but I still have to do: $ ocimlsh -I <directory where ociml.cma and … Continue reading

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Announcing: OCI*ML

A few months ago I expressed my frustration at the lack of actively-maintained Oracle bindings for OCaml. That didn’t stop me from using it, as this blog shows, but it was clearly not a sustainable situation, therefore I have been … Continue reading

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