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Form vs Function in Applications

When you have been around the industry for a little while, you will see that nearly all applications, especially user-facing ones, are made of only three kinds of things: Forms, Reports and Workflows. A Form is simply an interface, a … Continue reading

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So, how was 2014 for me, in tech at least? Pretty good. It has been quite an interesting experience adapting to an all-proprietary tech stack (database, language, IDE, job scheduler) but I feel I am finally getting a grip on … Continue reading

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Long time since I have updated here, a lot has been happening. For a start part 4 of my series on Oracle 12c new features is unlikely to be written since in October I started a new job which is … Continue reading

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Strange Datetime Problem

While working on my unit tests, I came across a sporadic failure in inserting and selecting Datetimes to the database, so I wrote a quick test harness to see what’s going on: This fails about 3% of the time, for … Continue reading

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OCI*ML: Make Test

Before resuming feature implementation in OCI*ML I thought I ought to tighten up the test suite a bit, so I have started on a make test target, including some utilities for generating large test datasets, which should be useful elsewhere. … Continue reading

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Oracle 12c Launch Event (3)

This is the third segment of my series of posts on interesting new features in Oracle 12c. In this I will cover enhancements to RAC, DataGuard (DG) and RMAN. Application Continuity (AC) is the next logical step in Oracle’s existing … Continue reading

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Oracle 12c Launch Event (2)

Continuing from the previous post, here are some more of the new features of Oracle 12c that I am excited about. The first is transparent redaction. Like the privilege analysis feature, this is something that you could implement using 11g … Continue reading

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